<p>Just keeping my options open for next year; am a Junior and I really wish to apply to Brown, UVA, Yale, Princeton, and possibly Stanford.
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Unweighted GPA: 4.0
Weighted GPA: 4.85
Class Size: 411
Class Rank: 1
Haven't received my SAT or ACT scores yet...
Freshman year-
English 1 H- A
World History/Geography H- A
Spanish II- A
Geo/Trig H- A
Dance 1- A
Biology 1 H- A
Sophomore year-
English II H- A
AP US History- A
AP Biology II- A
Chemistry I H- A
Spanish III- A
Algebra II H- A
AP Chemistry II- A
Human Physiology/Anatomy H- A
Pre- Calc H- A
Spanish IV H- A
AP Language and Comp- A
AP Psychology- A
Next Year-
AP Spanish V
AP Literature
Physics H
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP Gov/Econ
Habitat for Humanity
President of Recycling Club
Member of HOSA and other club
NHS- Senior year
Volunteering during summer at Mayo Clinic for "Young Volunteer Summer Program"
Varsity Softball- 3 years so far
Varsity Soccer- 2 years so far
Varsity Volleyball- 1 year; JV- 1, Freshman-1
2 part time jobs so far
I am going to attend a recruiting camp for Yale and Stanford for softball during the summer.
Additionally, I have/will taken all available AP courses at my school besides AP Studio Art and AP World History!

<p>Nice stats...Waiting to hear about your SAT scores to really determine whether you have a good shot though. Nice job so far though I'd have to say.</p>

<p>What were your PSAT scores?</p>

<p>I'm a little unclear-- will you be trying to get recruited for softball in college?</p>

<p>My PSAT score was 208-- ehh, not my best. And yes, I am trying to get recruited by Yale and Stanford to play softball</p>

<p>Well you have all the academics to back up your chances for athletic recruitment. If you SAT is at least a 2100...coupled with your softball recruitment, you will have a GREAT chance. Good luck</p>

<p>Your academics are good but your extracurriculars are weak. However, if you're athletically recruited, then you have very good chances.</p>

<p>Your ECs do NOT have to have much "sizzle" to be a competitive athletic recruited applicant. I have seen this time and time again over the past few years. Your GPA/rank is stellarand EC resume is fine for the most selective schools. It will come down to your SAT scores as well as how you compare to other softball players at your position for each school.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of your advice!! A bit more would be appreciated!!</p>