<p>So...I basically applied to Mcgill on a whim, and then i recently visited it and reallllly liked it. The thing is, I'm kinda worried about whether it'll be best for my future, job placement, etc. I'm in at the management school, and live in NY, plan to live there after college. Just wondering, because its hard to get a clear answer about this, but where does Mcgill stand reputation wise against the top American schools?</p>

<p>Quite well, amercian graduates at Mcgilll who want to go to American grad schools ussually get the piks they want. IT was ranked 21 in the world, and its considered the HArvard of cannada so that should give u some idea</p>

<p>you can read some of the other threads, as there have been quite a few extensive discussions about us wondering what kinds of doors McGill can open for us and whether or not it's worth going. Also notice that most of us were having a very difficult time deciding between McGill and some of the top schools in both Canada and the States. It's very highly regarded by the general public, employers, and even students and parents themselves in north america. If you really liked the school, you should very, very seriously consider going. Sometimes you just have to go by your gut feeling.</p>

<p>Abe, what list did you find that #21 ranking for McGill on? I've been searching around to try to find a good international list to no avail lately.</p>

<p>It is on the Times of London web site. You can google to find the list and the whole article.
The site requires registration, but you get a free two weeks trial period. Enough time to download it.</p>


<p>you cant really trust the rankings...the methodology they use is pretty subjective and you can tweak it around to get totally diffrent rankings</p>

<p>anyway McGill is usually precieved to be on par with the lower ivies like darthmouth and brown...probabaly cornell too </p>

<p>Around the world Mcgill has a amazing repuation..most people here in stwitzerland (where i live) definately know about Mcgill and think its one of the best universities...hardly any know upenn, brown or darthmouth even exist</p>

<p>It's not possible to use a single list to rank schools. There are so many factors - program strength, student/faculty ratio, facilities, quality of student peers, faculty accessiblity, class size, classes taught by full time faculty, student support, success rate to top quality graduate schools, activities outside of class, off campus life, etc etc etc. </p>

<p>So, what is important to you?</p>

<p>When seeing McGill being compared to Harvard, or any Ivy, I wonder if it is realized that McGill is large government-supported school. It might be in a little better shape than a lot of US state schools, but it does not have a billion dollar endowment available.</p>

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<p>OK, let's say no rankings list can work. But if we look at this USN list (which doesn't even include US "colleges", only universities) go down the list for yourself and ask the questions:</p>

<li><p>how do the schools on this list compare to McGill for the program you're interested in?</p></li>
<li><p>how do they compare to McGill for the factors that are important to you (average class size, student support, network of people for later in life, job prospects, tuition costs, etc)?</p></li>

<p>Then you can determine where it ranks for your needs.</p>

<p>McGill has a big edge on tuition costs. As for overall quality, costs aside, I think it compares to the schools outside of the top 40 or 50 on this list.</p>

<p>i think it is more like top 25-30 that mcgill compares</p>

<p>its it definately better than the ones below 30</p>

<p>mcgill would most certainly fit in the top 25 there. It may not have the endowments like those schools- but most of the top 25 are research intensive universities- as mcgill is. McGill is one of the top Research schools, and its faculty is deffinately one of the best.</p>

<p>as for value for money....i dont think it gets any better than Mcgill</p>