<p>Hi, I'm having some problems deciding what I should do this summer.</p>

<p>Some background info:
I applied to Brown University's Pre-College Program. I want to do the two week program, and my class is about the Holocaust. I asked one of my teachers to write me a recommendation. It took him over 3 weeks to write the recommendation, and I reminded him every day that I needed it. Finally, my parents emailed him and said that I needed the recommendation, and he finished it, 20 (school) days after I asked him to write it. I mailed the application before I left for spring break and found out yesterday that I was accepted. </p>

<p>Reviewing the information, it has finally hit me how expensive the program is. It's more than $3,000 for 2 weeks. I was excited about the program, but because the application process was such a pain, I've lost some of my enthusiasm. I went to London for spring break, and I've realized that I would rather have the money that I would spend on the program at Brown and save it so I can go back to England. Instead of doing the program at Brown, I would volunteer at the local elementary school (I want to be a teacher) and hang around my hometown. My parents are seriously concerned that I would be extremely bored and think that I should do the program to have the "experience" of living at Brown. I'm afraid that I would be bored, and at the same I don't want to have bothered my teacher so much for nothing, but I think that $3,000 for a program at a college that I'm not seriously considering applying to may not be money well spent.</p>

<p>I'm looking for advice for people who have done the program and if they had good experience. </p>

<p>Thanks in advance for your help. I really appreciate it. :)</p>