Adviceeeeeeeeeee Plz.

<p>i need advice. I'm currently a junior and I'm going to take the SAT twice this year March and May and once senior year. So in total 3 times. So should I concentrate on one subject at a time, like math for March and writing and cr for the other two times i take it....??? or should i just study everything for all 3 tests???
plzzzzzzzz helppppppppp.</p>

<p>take practice tests, and see where you need help, if your satisfied with any scores, then dont prepare in that area, or just brush up a bit.
Study those hard areas your school is very poor in (or dont study at all if scores are like almost everyone here at CC) LOL!</p>

<p>Yeah, I'd just take a few practice tests, see which area(s) you're very weak in and just really work hard on those. I'd try to do as best as possible in all the sections at one time, because you never know what'll happen if you concentrate on one subject at a time.</p>

<p>Be careful not to neglect the areas you are best at. In my case on the PSATs, the small amount of extra preperation I put in in regards to my best areas really brought my overall grade up, because excelling in an area does not mean I will get every question correct in that area, and every question counts. Going back and reviewing old types of maths questions I had gotten correct on previous tests reinforced them in my mind so I could fly through them on test day. </p>

<p>As I prepare for my March SATs, I will put more time into preparing in the areas I excel at than I did for the PSATs. I will definitely focus on my weak areas but have made it a goal not to push aside my strong ones.</p>

<p>Study for the entire test for each take. Otherwise your scores could be very lopsided, and even schools that take the highest from each section won't be overly impressed with that.</p>

<p>I agree, you have to study the whole test. You never know which set of questions might be best for you. A really low score in a section might stick around in their mind, whatever they say they look at</p>