Advices Needed, please

<p>Thanks for help me out,
I am a junior now, and I have problem with my GPA. I started out with a 3.9 in Fresh man year (out of 4.0 scale). But after I enrolled in six IB courses last year, my GPA started to goes down about 0.14 per year.So I'll get a 3.8 at end of my Junior year.</p>

<p>How will a good college look at this? Am I dead? What is your opinion?</p>

<p>Sincerely, Micht</p>

<p>Nope. You can afford a small drop in GPA if you're course load is growing more and more challenging.</p>

<p>Competitive colleges look for students who challenge themselves; a 3.8 is still a great GPA, and combined with a tough courseload (I'm assuming you're doing the IB diploma?), it won't hurt you.</p>

<p>Yes, I am a IB Diploma Candidate. Thanks for answering my question. So, it is ok? This "negative trend" troubles me because my GPA is dropping every semester at a constant rate.</p>

<p>This is fine since you are IB diploma. I'm also doing diploma and almost all of us drop GPAs a bit every semester because of the increased course load. It's hard getting straight A's when you have 6 IB classes...</p>