Advise on where/how to search

Hi! I’m in a somewhat unique situation, and wanting some advice about how to find what colleges to apply to.

I’m 23, and don’t have a degree. I’m an actor/filmmaker who hasn’t got as much time to devote to it as I once hoped and intended. I’ve landed a job paying great money, giving me management experience in an office position, but it involves me working a lot with students, and has made me realize that maybe college is something I should consider to further my passion.

I’m now wanting to pursue a degree which would allow for an individualized study plan, in a college with specialist resources in performing/filmmaking/media/communications. I want the space to explore all the directions I want within those creative spaces, then present my plan of how I want to combine them. I know NYU Gallatin allows a version of this, but I’m wondering if there are any others?

I went to school in England, so don’t have a US transcript, other than my UK grades which will convert over. However I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot professionally and creatively that could really help bolster my application.

Strong resources and reputation in performing and film are really important, and I’d love it to be LA based.

Any suggestions or general advice would be amazing! Thank you!!!

I don’t know anything about the programs but some places to start looking in the greater LA area that have film majors include Chapman, USC, Cal Arts, CSU Northridge, CSU Long Beach, and UCLA. Hopefully someone else on this site has better info than that but at least you could poke around their websites in the meantime and see if any seem as flexible as you are looking for.