AE—UCF vs UF vs ERAU vs Auburn

Hello. I am a HS senior from Tampa, FL trying to make my college decision. So far I have been accepted to UCF, ERAU, and Auburn. I am still awaiting for the UF decision which comes out on February 26th. ERAU would cost me $9k-$11k a year to attend with there presidential scholarship they rewarded me and bright futures full along with other stuff. UCF and UF would be even cheaper with just the bright futures scholarship alone. I plan to one day either be an Aerospace Engineer for NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc. or one day become an astronaut. I am even thinking about maybe joining the Air Force or Navy as a test pilot after I get a masters degree with the long term goal of becoming an astronaut. Now I like every school on this list and toured all 4 of them and I am having a hard time narrowing my choices further. I have to see the financial aid Auburn gives me and see if I even get into UF before making my decision. I am interested more into the astronautics side of AE, and less into the aeronautics. Which school is the best with the information I provided here and which provides the best opportunities? I also want to have a good college experience where I am with supporting counselors and professors. Not in too much of a cut-throat environment where only some will make it through. Anyone have any advise or can compare these programs? It would be greatly appreciated! I am well aware of the program I am signing up for and aware it will be a lot of hard work and determination, but I want to be in the right environment and want the best education and opportunities that I can get! I’m also interested in joining the honors program if I go to a big school like UF, UCF, or Auburn because it provides a more personalized experience and smaller class sizes from what I have heard so far! Thank you!!