AEM transfer, submit SAT or not?

<p>I am looking to transfer into the AEM major in CALS this spring coming from another university. Submitting the SAT is optional so should I do it or not?</p>

R: 760
W : 760
overall: 2200</p>

<p>I’d submit. That’s roughly equivalent to my ACT score when I applied for transfer and I got accepted. Granted I applied to ILR which has a higher transfer admission rate, but that score won’t hurt you. I believe AEM has a significantly low admit rate, especially for the transfer pool fyi - best of luck.</p>

<p>S1 transfered to AEM. He did submit SAT scores but I think that College Grades/Courses, College Involvement and Essay are much greater importance to transfer admission committee then SAT scores and HS transcript.</p>

<p>I would since your scores definitely wouldn’t hurt your chances. Best of luck!</p>