Hi! I didn’t see a thread for SEAP this year, so decided to make one. Any alumni have any tips for the application/ advice?

I applied about a week and a half ago, but my application still says pending. Is this happening for anyone else? Do my teachers need to write any recommendations (because they said they didn’t get any requests)?

I called them. They said that teachers don’t need to send in a recommendation and may or may not be contacted. The pending status is normal and will change after the application has been reviewed.

Does anyone know when we’re supposed to hear back from SEAP?

Has anyone heard back from SEAP yet?

No, not yet.

Not yet. Another possible summer program was cancelled :frowning: .

Has anyone heard back from seap sites? I emailed them and they said they are still in the process of making decisions

is SEAP on a rolling basis? and are there any easier labs?