Aerodynamics course? usually difficult or not?

<p>okay next semester I am taking system dynamics/ engineering design/ fluid dynamics/ engineering lab II / an elective of writing and speech/... I am considering also taking Aerodynamics as that im a bit interested in it even though its not on my Mechanical Engineering requirement course list.. Im just a bit cautious because I cant find any of my classmates which have taken this course so Im having a difficult time gauging its diffuculity level.. anyone here taken an aerodynamics course? would you put it on a difficult level as such of statics or dynamics? or a kind of basic level if you do the work like a course of strength of materials? and would it be a bad idea to take this course when Im already taking system dynamics ( I found dynamics to be pretty hard so I know system will be) fluids and engineering design? ( labs usually arent that hard so Im not worried about lab II).. your input would be greatly appriciated... =)</p>

<p>It will largely depend upon the school, professor, and your strengths. My aerodynamics courses have been relatively easy, but I'm also very interested in them and consider the courses one of my strengths. Just like most engineering courses though, there will probably be a lot of work.</p>

<p>Im pretty strong with strength of materials & thermo.. struggled a bit with dynamics.. dynamics is confusing!! lol its not as straight forward as strength of materials which in my eyes if obvious and common sense</p>

<p>Basic aerodynamics is not that difficult, especially at an undergraduate level, as long as you like the material. My only concern is that you certainly have a full schedule already, so adding another technical course may be a bit of an overload. Four technical courses usually isn't easy no matter what they are, as overloading yourself has the tendency to make even easy classes become difficult classes as you try to work time for homework into your schedule.</p>

<p>Since you are a mechanical engineer, your fluid mechanics course will cover the very basics of aerodynamics, but it will then go a little bit into viscous flows and fairly deeply into pipe flows and other internal flow problems. Aerodynamics will stay entirely in the inviscid world and entirely external flows.</p>

<p>My advice is to really sit and think about how full your schedule is for next semester. If system dynamics is the course that I think it is, it won't be easy, but it won't be anywhere near as hard as dynamics either. Still, that is a lot of courses for one semester (as I mentioned above) so you should really sit down and think about whether you can handle one more or not. Do your best to make sure you leave yourself some "DSNCB919 time" during the semester to relax and recharge your batteries. If you think you can do that while also taking aerodynamics, then go for it. If you think that is pushing it, you could always just take aerodynamics the next semester and then it will be even easier because you will have a background knowledge in fluid mechanics.</p>

<p>yea I am really worried about the overload because I really messed up my GPA back when I took statics, thermo, material science, phyisics ii, differential equations in 1 Ive been rebuilding since</p>

<p>I did something similar my sophomore year. I learned my lesson. Honestly, I would put it off until later but it's up to you.</p>