Aerospace at Virginia Tech or University of CO Boulder??

I’m in quite the predicament in trying to figure out which school has the best Aerospace Engineering program. Either way I will be out of state. I have been accepted to both of these schools and was curious as to if anyone had personal experience with these programs and what they thought of them? Thanks!!

Neither is better than the other. They are both great. Have you visited both?

I have not actually. I’m visiting VT next Wednesday, and depending on how I feel about that I’m going to visit Boulder. I have talked to a good family friend who has gone to Boulder and he absolutely loves it there. So I’m kind of torn.

I think you ought to try to visit both of you are able. They are both great programs but with very different cultures. You’re best off trying to figure out which fits you better personally.

Alright, I’m definitely going to try to visit both. Academically though, their programs are top-notch and comparable to each other? I also plan on either double majoring or minoring in Astronomy as well depending on where I go. (VT only offers it as a minor) I am a lot more interested in the astronautical portion if that makes a difference.

there honestly is no meaningful difference in quality between the two.

For what it’s worth, if you are into astronomy, Colorado is a lot better for using optical telescopes. There’s less air and less humidity to distort the light you see there. That probably wouldn’t play into the degree, but it would be a bonus if you own a telescope.