Aerospace Engineering at this school...

<p>Does anybody know anything about whether this school has a good Aerospace Engineering program?
I really like the school, but I'm comparing it to Embry Riddle aeronautical university, and it seems to me that Embry would be a better choice if I want my studies to be more advanced and if I want to get hired after graduation. (96% or Embry's students get hired within a year after grad)</p>

<p>I looked at some of the lecture notes for Aerospace on the CU Boulder website, and some of them had simple vector calculations that I learned in first quarter HIGH SCHOOL Physics..... I'm not sure I want to pay $20,000 a year to learn that. But there's probably a lot I'm missing, maybe the lectures I would hear in class and the engineering projects I would work on would give me a good education.</p>

<p>ANY information at all would be appreciated greatly! Thanks!</p>

<p>Also... do you think I can get accepted with a 2.9 GPA and an SAT score in the 1300's? I'm not too worried about it though, because the admissions person there told me that if I don't get accepted that I can just show them my Calculus and Physics grades (taking them this year) and if they're good I'll probably get accepted. I think I can pull off an A or B in both if I study. I've been taking math classes that were 3 years ahead of the standard classes for my school, but some of my grades haven't been so good.</p>

<p>i too, was considering embry riddle, but through investigation, it seemed every graduate said it was overpriced. boulder is a great school. note: embry riddle gives you random drug tests, while boulder is party central :D embry riddle is 84% MALE... so being on of the 16% girl population, youd be straight pimpette'ing. if you live in colorado, the tuition for boulder would be so much better than the $20G for embry riddle. oops, reading further youd be an out of state student.</p>

<p>as far as admission, you wont get into boulder, but 25% of ERU students have hs gpa's of 2.99 or below. your SAT is above ERU avg. i think youll get in, but i would definitely say boulder is better by a long shot.</p>

<p>boulder ranks #33 in top grad engineering schools
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<p>USNews says riddle is the #1 aero engineering in schools offering bachelors only, so thats really not saying anything because most schools seem to offer grad.</p>

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<p>nothing but bad comments from ERAU students and alumnus</p>

<p>Taffy: Thanks a lot for the info!</p>

<p>So you don't think I'll get accepted? I know my GPA is kinda way below the Engineering average, but you don't think I will even if I get an A in Calculus and Physics? Are you sure about this/how do you know this?</p>

<p>because boulder is an extrememly good school. also, i believe it is state law that public schools prioritize colorado kids before out of staters. boulder's avg GPA is 3.5, and avg SAT 1300. wouldnt hurt applying though.</p>