aerospace engineering?

<p>So yea, my school doesn't have an aerospace engineering program and i was wondering what the next best thing to major in so that i can apply for an aerospace engineering program for grad school. I can't seem to find this info anywhere. And also any additional info that is relevant will be greatly appreciated. thanks</p>

<p>Mechanical engineering all the way. They are nearly the same.</p>

<p>Definitely mechanical engineering. My new room mate is getting his B.S. in mechanical eng. to give him a good overall base so that he can possibly pursue aerospace eng. or a similar field in graduate school.</p>

<p>Mechanical engineering is an incredibly broad and a very versatile degree that can help you get into wide range of industries or set the basis to study a variety of different fields in grad school.</p>

<p>oh wow~thanks guys^^</p>

<p>Mechanical is the best, although if you're looking at getting more into the development of aerospace materials MSE is always out there. Or you could just take some relevant MSE classes as tech electives for your Mechanical degree.</p>