Aerospace Structural Engineer

<p>Could someone please tell me if they themselves or know someone who recently graduated with a MS in aerospace engineering (specializing in composite structures, or structural engineering in general) could give me an idea of what the job prospects are like. If you yourself or someone you know have not been able to find a job as a aerospace structural engineer - Where else have you been looking, and it is possible to apply for other engineering positions (mechanical, manufacturing, or systems engineering, etc.)?</p>


<p>I have several friends doing that. Most of them are either PhD’s or haven’t graduated yet though, so I can’t tell you just how good the prospects are unfortunately. I can tell you that a bunch of them have had no problem finding summer “internships” with the likes of Boeing and other airframers, so there must be a decent demand.</p>

<p>I got two offers after my structural masters… one from Boeing doing structural design for manned spacecraft, and the other from The Aerospace Corporation doing structural dynamics analysis for satellite launches, but I walked away from it before they could negotiate a salary with me (didn’t want to live in LA), so I don’t know what they were going to pay me. The Boeing gig was about 20K lower than my civil structures design offer, and they didn’t have a real answer when I asked what they’d be doing if the program was cancelled, so I didn’t take the job.</p>

<p>It was more lucrative to design buildings.</p>

<p>Found a couple things in aerospace structural engineering without trying too hard, though, so there’s that, for whatever it’s worth to you. Probably need an advanced degree, though, and finite element analysis experience through your grad classes.</p>

<p>Thanks for your replies. </p>

<p>May I ask, aibarr was this recently. I am interested in knowing what recent graduates are getting. I too have a masters in structural, last year. I have not been able to land a job, and will continue to pursue a second master in aerospace in which I will be focusing on composite materials. I expect to be done by June 2011, and would like to know what I can should be expecting - Because I really dont know. </p>

<p>Thanks again.</p>

<p>This was two or three years ago. So not tremendously recent, but still… I’m not <em>that</em> old. ;)</p>