AFA graduate with local ties among 9 killed in Kabul attack


<p>Maj. David Brodeur, an Air Force Academy graduate and spouse of a Colorado Springs native, was one of nine Americans killed Wednesday when a gunman opened fire in Kabul, Afghanistan.</p>

<p>The Alaska-based fighter pilot and father of two married his wife Susan in the academy’s chapel in 2000, a year after he graduated, said his father-in-law, Frank Williams of Colorado Springs.</p>

<p>“He was the perfect son-in-law, if there is such a thing,” Williams said. “I couldn’t wait for him to come home so he could take me fishing.”</p>

<p>A Massachusetts-native, Brodeur deployed in February to train Afghan air force pilots.</p>

<p>The Iraq veteran had worked as an executive officer to the commander of the Alaska-based 11th Air Force at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.</p>

<p>“He just liked the Air Force and he loved to fly,” Williams said. “He’s so good at it.”</p>

<p>Williams said the major was as good at being a father as he was at handling high-speed planes.</p>

<p>“David had a four-year-old son who couldn’t wait for him to come home so he could teach him how to play baseball and a seven-year-old girl who is a straight A student,” Williams said.</p>

<p>Brodeur had looked forward to his work in Afghanistan.</p>

<p>His motivations were simple, Williams said.</p>

<p>“He’s a very patriotic person,” Williams said. “He loves this country.”</p>

<p>The family is finalizing plans to bury Brodeur at the Air Force Academy.</p>