Affidavit undocumented South Carolina?

Undocumented students are banned from attending public universities in South Carolina. So my question is if there is a affidavit of intent where the student can attend if they sign a affidavit?

Intent to do what?

It looks like students who have DACA can enroll at public institutions in South Carolina. Do you qualify for DACA status?

no i do not qualify for daca but I’m pretty there is a waiver/affidavit of intent to legalize immigration status if the person is not documented to attend this college. Is there?

A bill that would allow students to file an affidavit of intent was introduced in 2019, but it looks like it hasn’t been passed yet.

"Bill H3098

  • Introduced on Jan. 8, 2019
  • 25% progression
  • Pending: House Ways and Means Committee

Amend The Code Of Laws Of South Carolina…A Student Must Be Exempt From Paying Out-of-state Tuition At A Public Institution Of Higher Education In South Carolina And Must Be Eligible For Certain State-sponsored Scholarships And Tuition Assistance If:

  • He Attended A High School In This State For 3 Or More Years,
  • Graduated From A High School In The State Or Received The Equivalent Of A High School Diploma In This State
  • Registers As An Entering Student Or Is Currently Enrolled In A Public Institution Of Higher Education No Earlier Than The Fall Semester Of The 2019-2020 Academic Year
  • If Lacking Lawful Immigration Status, Files An Affidavit With The Institution Stating He Has Filed An Application To Legalize His Immigration Or Will File An Application When Eligible"


That is what I’m talking about if they are going to pass a bill that allows undocumented students to pay instate tuition Requiring that they fill out a affidavit then there is already a affidavit in the state but I can’t find it

You can’t find it because it is not a law yet. Your high school should have the information when it passes.

No the instate tuition bill is not a law yet but they can still file a affidavit to attend school

Not necessarily. I think the affidavit is tied to the bill. The way I understand it, if the bill passes undocumented students can file an affidavit and be eligible for in state tuition. If it doesn’t, there’s no affidavit because undocumented students won’t be eligible to apply.

Every article I can find about the topic says current South Carolina law prohibits undocumented students from attending their public colleges. But your school guidance counselor may have additional information. Can you reach out to them?

from what I know every college in the us has a affidavit of intent but sometimes it’s required and sometimes it’s not

The US has 50 different public college systems, and each one has its own laws. Only 10 states use an Affidavit of Intent (where students swear that they applied/will apply to legalize their immigration status), and South Carolina isn’t one of them. The purpose of the affidavit is to allow undocumented immigrants to be eligible for in state tuition. It doesn’t allow them to attend public college in a state that otherwise doesn’t allow it.

South Carolina law H4400 prohibits undocumented immigrants from attending their public colleges. Bill H3098 seems to have a provision that would allow their attendance, but it’s only a bill not a law. Your school should be able to tell if/when it passes. But keep in mind that it was introduced over a year and a half ago and is only 25% of the way through the approval process. There’s a possibility that it may not be passed for some time. There’s also a chance that it might stall in committee and never be passed at all.

Source: /research/immigration/tuition-benefits-for-immigrants.aspx

^^ Most states work on a system that if a law is introduced and doesn’t pass during that legislative session, it dies. It can be reintroduced the following year, but then would have to start again. I’m not sure if South Carolina works that way, but I wouldn’t hold out hope.

Seems the only way to attend is to apply as an international student, but that would require getting a visa through your home country.

Several years ago, before Colorado let undocumented students attend with instate tuition, New Mexico welcomed them and gave them instate rates. Check other states.

But undocumented students apply as international students without a visa at us colleges all the time is that correct?

Where did you get that information? Only ~5% of undocumented students attend college in the US. You’ll have to research individual colleges to see which ones will consider your application.

Some schools require a visa from an undocumented student’s home country, some don’t.

Do you have a GC at your HS that can help you?

What is your home country? Is attending college there a possibility?

What can/will your family pay per year for college?

Fundamentally, you are ultimately going to have to address your undocumented status in the US. Even if you graduate from college in the US, you will find it difficult to secure a job (of the type that would require a college degree) with undocumented status.

So I have to apply as a international in states that prohibit undocumented students from attending?

Undocumented students have to apply as an international student at many, probably most, colleges. South Caroline does not allow undocumented students to attend any of their public colleges at all. Not even as an international (unless you get a visa AFAIK).

I hope that wasn’t your only takeaway from post #13.

Again, get your HS GC to help you.

So I have to apply as a international student?

As an undocumented student you are prohibited from attending any SC public college.

For other schools, you have to go to each website to see how undocumented students should apply. Most schools require undocumented students to apply as international students.

Some schools…and double check these on their websites, do allow undocumented students to apply as domestic students: Amherst, Bowdoin, Tufts, Depauw, Emory, NU, Wesleyan, Williams, Pomona. There are probably more and the list does change.

Again, even if you attend college in the US, you have to ultimately address your lack of a visa, or you will likely have difficulty securing a job after college graduation.

You are not the first student in South Carolina to be in this situation. You need to talk to your school GC and the local community college about any work around that may be possible. Sometimes community colleges, any college, actually, will permit anyone to take courses as an unmatriculating student. With an acceptable proof of address, one may even get in state local tuition rates. If this is possible, you can take courses but getting accepted into a status where you can get a degree is a can you are kicking down the road. SC has bills pending where this may be resolved but you can’t count on that happening.

Perhaps, you can get a job with Starbucks which may give you access to what steps available for your specific situation , and they have an affiliation with An Arizona state college where you can take courses. For that matter, there are likely a number of inline possibilities

Do you have family out of state who may take you in? Find a job, take part time courses and go from there in pursuing your degree.

Depending on your academic record and ability to pay, applying to private colleges may be a possibility.

OP, take a look at this scholarship program and see if you qualify (e.g., high gpa and rigor).