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<p>Dose SHC have affirmative action?</p>


<p>I am having a debate with my brother who hates Penn state, I am applying there as well....</p>

<p>What is affirmative action?</p>

<p>(and why your brother hates Penn State?)</p>

<p>Affirmative action is giving traditionally under-represented minorities a boost in the admissions process to help make up for their supposed underprivileged upbringing. It's highly controversial in the United States, but widely practiced.</p>

<p>Given that SHC claims to only accept the best students, apparently without regard to creating a diverse SHC class, I'm tempted to think that it does not practice affirmative action. However, affirmative action is most certainly practiced in other aspects of Penn State undergraduate admissions.</p>

<p>thanks BigAarst :)</p>

<p>Can some one call them... I am kind of out of the U.S</p>

<p>you can email then.</p>


How can you be "kind of" out of the US? Isn't this an either/or situation?</p>

<p>The official PSU plan for diversity:
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<p>Yep I e mailed and they did not give me a good answer... Meaning it dose not play a role .,,,</p>

<p>Yep I e mailed and they did not give me a good answer... Meaning it dose not play a role .,,,</p>

<p><<yep i="" e="" mailed="" and="" they="" did="" not="" give="" me="" a="" good="" answer...="" meaning="" it="" dose="" play="" role="" .,,,="">></yep></p>

<p>They gave you an answer. It just wasn't the one you wanted.</p>

<p>^^^ true true... I guess my brother is right....</p>

<p>^^ Right about what?</p>

<p>SCH is looking for the best/brightest among the students who are accepted to PSU. Period. The selection criteria are very straight-forward: academic excellence, strong leadership skills, motivation and self-discipline, and a commitment to citizenship and civic responsibility.</p>