Affordability at Baylor

Is Baylor affordable? I’ve been accepted and would love to enroll but don’t know if financial aid will provide me with the money I need to attend. I have received the $20,000 per year scholarship but that still leaves me with more than $30,000 to be paid each year. My family’s income is roughly $50,000. Will Baylor provide me with much aid? How much can I expect? The online calculator estimates I will be expected to pay roughly $20,000 but that doesn’t seem reasonable. How should I go about this financial situation and will Baylor provide me with more money than the calculator is estimating?

Make sure to do the FAFSA as soon as you can with your parents 2015 tax return info. This should help you qualify for need-based aid.

Wait to get the financial award letter and speak to financial aid before getting too concerned.

I agree with Baylorpoly, I’ve been through this before and have been pleasantly surprised. You might be too.

I am in a similar boat. I was recently accepted and was offered $17,000 a year for my ACT. But as my family makes only $40,000 a year, it may not be possible.

Do you have any money saved up? Also, you could find money by getting into the Honors Program and applying to Honors Scholarships. And if you need more, there are scholarships offered by major.

Is there hope? Not sure. But it’s worth looking into.

Hopefully at this point you have received your financial aid award letter at this point and have filed with the FAFSA. Need-based scholarships at Baylor were pretty generous when I was a student. My need based and merit based scholarships covered my tuition and then some, and then I got federal grants and loans that helped cover the rest.

The financial aid officers at Baylor were pretty helpful in this case when I was about to enroll. I had a pretty big gap in payment and my family only made about 30/35K that year and I called the financial aid office explaining my situation and they advised me through getting more money to cover my expenses. Give them a call or send them an e-mail.

Hope this helps!