<p>Only 50.5% of U of C graduates have outstanding debt. The average debt for those graduating in 04/05 was only $17,650.
~ office of fin. aid website</p>

<p>I'd be overjoyed if this were true. heck, if it rose to 30k by 2010 i'd still be satisfied. </p>

<p>those who attend or parents, how much debt do you anticipate? and presume the lack of private scholarships and merit money...then how much?</p>

<p>A freaking lot. Two years and I don't see any scholarships I bet - IF I get in.</p>

<p>I'm not sure those numbers include plus loans taken by parents. The rub there is, however, that the interest rate is low enough to make the plus loan a good deal even if one could simply pay the tuition outright, so the data may be a little skewed if they were included.</p>