affordable earphones that don't cost an arm, leg and torso?

<p>I would like some "sturdy" earphones. I'm sick of buying 5 dollars earphones that only last for like 2 months. Does anyone know/have any earphones that are great quality but don't cost too much. (I really don't want to spend no more than 30 dollars).</p>


<p>Are you looking for earphones that insert into your ear like the ones that accompany ipods, or are you looking for earphones that hook around your ear and sit outside the ear canal, or are you looking for headphones, the ones that wrap around your entire ear?</p>

<p>Get a pair of Sennheiser HD201's, $21 on Amazon.</p>

<p>I'll check it out theReach and tr1p7s, I'm looking for earphones that accompany the ipod.</p>

<p></a> Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 Noise-Isolating Earphones:…</p>

<p></a> Ultimate Ears MetroFi 200 Noise Isolating Earphones:…</p>

<p>I just bought Sony's noise cancelling earphones from Sam's Club for $34. I thought it was pretty good.</p>

Get a pair of Sennheiser HD201's, $21 on Amazon.


Pretty decent for the price. I would consider ponying up the $200 for a pair of mid-range headphones like Bose, though.</p>

<p>Bose is garbage.</p>

Pretty decent for the price. I would consider ponying up the $200 for a pair of mid-range headphones like Bose, though.


<p>Have fun wasting your money.</p>

<p>I have a pair of Bose headphones. They are comfortable, work quite well in cancelling noise (especially noise like airplane noise), and the sound quality is fine to my ears. They aren't cheap, though. I'm not sure why people say they are garbage, etc. Perhaps they are audiophiles or something.</p>

Bose is garbage.


<p>I've heard that a lot and I'm not sure why this is the case. I'm not much of an audiophile, though.</p>

<p>Bose is not complete garbage, but they are way overpriced. They are decent for an average listener, but there are much better ones you much less money. You should get headphones that muffle outside noises (noise canceling or over the ear headphones) to reduce hearing damage if you listen for long periods of time. Spend more money one good headphones and they will pay off themselves by lasting longer and sound better when you break them in. BTW Monster dr dre is absolute crap.</p>

<p>Here is a short list of some recommended brands. Make sure you pick one out that can handle the devices power output, because many of the more expensive ones require amps, otherwise they will sound like crap. And also headphones get better as you break them in, so do not judge them until you listen 100-200+ hours on them. </p>

Audio Technica

<p>each one has its own kind of sound signature </p>

<p>Sennheiser (clarity, tonal balance, soundstage)</p>

<p>AKG (detail, tonal balance, LARGE soundstage. best for classical or jazz and other slower kinds of music)</p>

<p>Grado (in your face rockin'. Makes music seem very "bright and colored." Bass response is weaker but still detailed. these shine best on percussion)</p>

<p>Beyerdynamics (supremely strong, but not muddy bass. great mids and decent highs. strongest bass of the group)</p>

<p>Audio technica (balance, lacking in bass somewhat.)</p>

<p>Ultrasone (well rounded and a bit more on the low end. highs are decent. in my experience, works best with trance and some rock)</p>

<p>Denon (highly esteemed brand, but i dont know much about them too much.)</p>

<p>Yeah, Bose takes low-to-average quality stuff and markets it as if it's high-end...and people believe them. Their headphones are OK, but their speakers are garbage.</p>

<p>Sennheiser has my recommendation for headphones.</p>

<p>If you lost your torso, you'd lose your other two limbs as well.</p>

<p>Just see what's on eBay</p>

<p>I used Sennheiser throughout my freshman year, they went almost everywhere with me. Great set of headphones, nice sound.</p>