Affordable Housing, Hunter, Columbia, Fordham area

<p>Dear Future Housemates,</p>

<p>My name is Andrew, I'm a 20 year old musician and I live in a 3 story house/recording studio/practice space in the bronx. Problem is electricity and heating in the winter months are going to cause a rent increase for me so I need to invite 2 new roommates to live with me. The requirements to live here are that you are between the ages of 18-25 and you are an aspiring musician with the ability to play at least one instrument. The rent is startling cheap, its 100 a week for your own huge room, with internet, water, electricity all the goods, plus access to the kitchen, living room and rehearsal studio. Beautiful house right next to the 1,A, D, and 4 train, right on the borderline of inwood and marble hill. If you'd like to maybe take a look around just send me an email explaining to me why you fit the above criteria and we can set up a tour and if you have the money, hey you can move in that day! </p>

<p>347 988 8560
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