Affordable option for College Students displaced by Katrina

<p>Welcome to international assistance for students displaced in the hurricane ravaged areas of New Orleans. </p>

<p>Sacred Heart College (SHC) is one of Belize’s most prestigious colleges that was formed in the 1960’s to respond to a lack of academic opportunities in western Belize.</p>

<p>Today SHC is bringing its regionally recognized brand name and quality to assist first and second year students displaced by hurricane Katrina.</p>

<p>Our programs and quality assurance processes ensure you the student, that you will be getting high quality easily transferable credits to schools once the rebuilding has been completed. Our lecturers all hold at least a Master’s degree in their area of expertise from regionally and internationally recognized universities. </p>

<p>SHC was awarded partnership with some 20 US colleges and universities to pursue the development of a Tropical Ecology class in 2005. The school was given high marks by US partners and students and a request has been made for the school to coordinate the class in the summer of 2006 again. In the summer of 2006 SHC will host students from Hillsboro Community College, Oklahoma State University, and Georgia College and State University. We are proud to offer this chance to US college students who have been displaced by the hurricane. </p>


<p>Two Semesters of schooling with options for three and four including room and board, tuition and fees, books, transportation to and from the airport, basic medical, 24 hour access to internet. </p>

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