Affordable Summer Programs for Rising High School Seniors

Hello CC, I am currently a rising junior and have filled my summer schedule with lots of activities like Driver’s Ed, rowing camp, a less than competitive summer enrichment program at my local university (I like in a college town) volunteering, work, and PSAT prep sessions. However I am already looking toward what I can do next year to make the most of summer 2016. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on reasonably priced summer programs (they can be catered to rising high school seniors or not). I also have an interst in psychology, so information on summer programs related to that would be helpful. More competitive programs are preferable, but they don’t have to be. If you have the time, please leave a comment! Thank you (:

West Points Summer Leadership program for rising seniors costs only $400. It is pretty competitive with 1000 spots and 6000 applicants

Thank you! I will look into that.

Check out There are lots of free programs. There are some programs in psychology and you might be able to find some research opportunities. I would suggest you branch out a bit and look at some other areas of interest to you, as well. The most prestigious programs tend to be in STEM areas.

Best of luck!