Affording college

So I got into SUNY Broome. Apparently they’re neighbors to Binghamton University in New York. Apparently I got in, and I want to be a nursing major. Awesome. But I have a road block. They don’t accept private student loans. No sallie Mae, discover etc. I got federal loans but it’s not enough to cover staying on campus. It pays tuition though. I don’t live in the area and have no idea where I’m going to live. I have no money and no parents that can help me out. I don’t qualify for pell grant and school starts in a month. I wanted to just say no I won’t go to school then. But someone told me since I already got in, I should make it work. I don’t know what I should do now.

I don’t understand why they need to accept your private loan. Usually, the loan is deposited into your personal account. You then transfer monies by account, check and cash.

What is it that I’m not understanding?


Right…if you get a private loan…in most cases, that money is disbursed to you. Then you pay the college. Surely they will accept payment from you!

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I googled SUNY Broome and learned that it is a Community College. They have limited on-campus housing. Did you contact their housing office?

The school doesn’t have a choice as to whether or not to certify private loans, to my knowledge. As long as your loan request coupled with federal aid doesn’t exceed your cost of attendance, they should certify your private loan. They don’t have to recommend private loan companies … they can choose not to provide private loan information to you. But you can do research and choose a company on your own.


I am a little confused.
You state that you have no money, and you have no parents who can help?

You state that you are not eligible for PELL

Are you eligible for TAP?

Did you apply for excelsior?

Is there a college where you can commute?

What does this mean? Are you parents alive?

Are you an independent student?

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someone told me since I already got in, I should make it work.

If they’re not paying your way then their opinion doesn’t matter. Do not try to borrow the cost of attendance plus living expenses for any college, especially not a community college.

We need more information to help you. With no grants, no place to live, and no income to fund living expenses starting school this fall isn’t likely to happen. That’s okay. It’s better to go in with a plan for paying for the entire program that isn’t going to leave you in debt.

Why aren’t you eligible for Pell? It doesn’t sound like you’re ineligible based on income. Are you from NYS? Why did you apply to a community college if you don’t live in the area?

Keep in mind that if you get a nursing degree from a 2 year college in NYS you have 10 years to complete the 4 year degree for an RN. From the Broome website:

Based on recent changes to New York State regulations, all students admitted to an Associate Degree Nursing program starting January 2018 in New York State who successfully graduate and who obtain a New York State registered nursing license will be required to receive a BS in nursing within ten years of initial RN licensure.