Affording it?

<p>Just wondering, and theres probably a million topics on this, so I'm sorry, but I was thinking... how do you afford NYU? In my situation, I come from a poor family, bad financial position, working a minimum wage job and wanting to attend NYU Tisch for writing. How is it possible to afford college when you're in a situation like this, especially in this economy? Anyone want to share any stories?</p>

<p>Huge loans are fine for some CAS and Gallatin majors and most of Stern. Huge loans for Tisch is a HUGE gamble, especially in writing or acting. Same for Steinhardt.</p>

<p>I would say taking out a ~50k loan every year for undergrad would not be smart. Go to a school you can afford. There’s plenty of cheaper alternatives that are good for aspiring writers.</p>

<p>You can take out loans but I would NOT NOT NOT advise it for your situation. Go to a far more affordable public in-state school. I’m sure they’re available where you live. Imagine the interest rates that will be attached to those huge loans. If you do a 30-year fixed rate loan with the government, you will end up paying much more just in interest than what you originally took out in loans. You don’t want to have to pay interest on a loan that totals like $200k… trust me. Unless you are studying in a major that will typically bring in the money, you’re in for a world of struggles.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, you’ve helped a lot. Honestly, you guys told me things I haven’t thought of before. The school is in the same state I live but thinking about it, I haven’t realized that, even though its the most obvious thing, that talent-based majors are a gamble. I’d love to hear other stories or any other pieces of information though, especially since this is still an option I’m thinking about. If it helps any, I’m not going to college any time soon. I think its time I think about college since I’m sixteen and I’m almost done with my schooling program, but I was just weighing out my options.</p>

<p>The general recommendation is to never go anywhere where would be more than $40,000 in debt. Anything greater than that and it becomes difficult to pay off. Unless Tisch were to give you very large scholarships, I would not recommend going there. Stern? Maybe. But definitely not Tisch.</p>