afraid my writing score will take even longer

<p>I can log onto collegeboard, and view my scores for the Oct9 date, but only my physics + math2c scores show, while my writing is blank</p>

<p>ppl have told me that sometiems it just takes longer, but cud it take EVEN longer than when scores are mailed home? has anyone ever experienced this, where the writing score came even after the mailed date?</p>

<p>also, as i said, people have told me it just takes longer sometimes, but howcome everyone on this forum seems to have their writing score, all my friends do, and NO ONE has mentioned any problem similar to mine? is this something i should be worried about?</p>

<p>nope its quite common, coz the essay has to be graded by a person</p>

<p>do you know if it cud take even longer than what the mail-to-home date is?</p>

<p>Yes, it can. I'm sorry:( I took three tests in June, and didn't get my writing back until about a week to two weeks after my regular scores came in the mail. I got the my Math IIC and US History in the mail, and on the sheet it said that I would be receiving a score sheet with my Writing score at a later date. On a happier note, my score did appear online soon after the first mailing date, so don't give up hope.</p>

<p>i love how they do this to me when im only planning to take writing again this november, and yet i wont know how i did on the october test still.....</p>