AFROTC offer acceptance/ forfeit pending MROTC?

<p>My son was just notified that he won a 4-year, Type 7 Air Force ROTC Scholarship. He has until Jan 6, 2012 to accept or decline. He is competing for Marine Option NROTC Scholarship also. He really wants the Marine Corps. The Marine selection board does not meet until Feb 2. </p>

<p>Does anyone know if he loses the Marine ROTC consideration once he accepts the AFROTC offer? Or Can he accept the AFROTC offer and then “let it go” IF he is awarded the Marine scholarship 4-5 weeks down the road?</p>

<p>No you dont lose the MOROTC. Accept what you have now. About April I think, They send another confirmation to make sure you have not changed your mind. But if you dont accept what you have by the deadline you will definitely lose that one. Each are independent of the other.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info! He didnt want to ask the Marine officer who interviewed him since he had already frowned on the AFROTC application a little. Thanks again.</p>