<p>Besides the different lifestyles and expectations between AFROTC and AFA, does Zoomies (AFA graduates) have an advantage in rank and career selection over AFROTC?</p>

<p>I am not sure the accuracy of this but ill say it anyways. I spoke with my cousin who is the equivalent of a Lt. Commander in the navy. He became an officer via Officer Training School (OTS).</p>

<p>The way he explained is that which technically on paper he is equal to those who graduated Anappolis, OTS or ROTC, he will never have the same promotion availability as the person who graduated the Naval academy.</p>

<p>Is this true? Does this apply to the Air Force as well? Not sure, but just thought id put it out there.</p>

<p>By the way, Lt. Commander is an actual rank in the Navy equivalent to an AF or Army Major (O-4). </p>

<p>Like your cousin said, graduates of the academies have no technical advantages. However, they do tend to stick together throughout their careers and make up a disproportionate percentage of high ranking officers. This is not based on any statistical data, just the observations of my dad (a USAFA grad and 30 years in the Air Force.) </p>

<p>Perhaps the most concrete advantage grads get is the pilot slots. The Academy gets about 50% of all pilot slots in the AF, even though they commission only a small percentage of AF officers (18.8 %.) Almost everyone that is qualified and wants to fly from the Academy gets to. These slots are extremely competitive through ROTC and OTS. Not only is this important because you might want to fly, and thus you get a great advantage here, but also because operational flying wing commanders must be pilots. These positions are prestigious and tend to lead to stars.</p>