After Enrollment Adjustment Period

<p>So major restrictions and status restrictions such as 'NEWONLY' will also be lifted?</p>

<p>what day will this be "lifted" then? i hear it's sept 15 after everyone has/hasn't payed for classes but i could be wrong??</p>

<p>Yeah so Sept. 15 is the deadline for all registration payments. Registration for classes will be unavailable from Sept. 15-18, bc that is when they will be removing people from their classes who haven't payed their fees.</p>

<p>Wait... major restrictions will be lifted as well? If so then maybe I'll drop University Studies 2 and try to get in a Civil Engineering course...</p>

<p>Thats what I heard, but I don't know for sure..</p>

<p>depends on what civil engineering course you want to take ultex. They will pull major restrictions such as new only, major only and etc. However, there not going to pull classes that are required to be done before you get into classes. You still have to take your pre-reqs. If you have the pre-reqs done or no pre-reqs for that particular class then you're good to go. What civil engineering course are u thinking about taking? I'm taking 2.</p>

<p>The class I want to enroll in is EECS10 (for some reason CEE10 isn't on the schedule of classes). I'm still technically undecided/undeclared so I'm just trying to follow the the "sample program of study" for Civil Engineering. Are you a Civil Engineering major?</p>

<p>Yes i am. I'm a transfer student so this is going to be my first year at irvine. But im familiar with the process of schedule for classes and such.</p>

<p>Are the full classes generally open again after the adjustment period?</p>

<p>Some of them are going to be open but it all depends on how many people are on the waitlist. Usually, if people are dropped, those on the waitlist will get automatically added to the class. Just stalk webreg on that day, but beware because the site will get really slow due to the amount of people wanting to switch classes that day.</p>