After Gen Chem what Chem class should I take?

<p>I'm not sure which chem class to sign up for in the fall. I'm going to be a freshman.</p>

<p>Should I take analyitical chem? Organic?</p>


<p>Most Premeds go Gen Chem -> O Chem. I guess it depends if you are a chemistry major of some sort. O Chem is the only other pre-req in the chemistry field for med school. I would caution you on taking O chem your first semester though, it may be rough if you are still adjusting to college life and classes.</p>

<p>Personally, I would recommend you to take a General or Inorganic Chemistry course before you take analytical chem. The lab is tedious and very time consuming and I do not think the first semester (with all the adaptation period going on) is good timing for that.</p>