After Hampshire (?)

I recently got admitted to Hampshire College as an incoming transfer student. I’m on the verge of making my final decision, and I am heavily leaning towards Hampshire for several GOOD reasons — hopeful the financial aid office comes through. However, I do have a couple of questions:

  1. I am yet to know if I want to go to graduate school after Hampshire — but as of today, I do not. I, thus, wanna know how easy/difficult it will be as a Hampshire graduate to get a good job without a graduate degree? And how do the alumni median salaries compare with other LACs?

  2. How does the school help international students in the application process for summer internships/full-time jobs while still at Hampshire? Do they have some sort of partnership with companies that are more welcoming to Hampshire students, or?

Ps: I am an international student, that’s why most of my questions are tailored to meet the needs of international students.

  1. graduate school is relatively easy for grads to get into, though it depends on your work ethic. as for employment, i believe the stat thrown around is about 85% are employed after graduation, but that all honestly depends on the economic situation when you graduate. employability wise, obviously hampshire students aren't running off to bank and finance industries after graduation, so i would be inclined to say that employability and median salaries are similar to that of any other small LAC.
  2. hampshire's career options office is wonderful. in my experience the staff will help you with anything career related from finding a summer position to funding accommodation/housing to applying for jobs. you have to reach out to them and take the initiative though, they aren't going to hand you an internship. that said, hampshire's alumni network is amazing and alumni often visit the college to promote career/internships with companies that they work for! in short, i can't think of any "partnerships" that the college has with companies or corporations. in terms of welcoming to hampshire students, i haven't had any issues in my work experience (i've mostly worked for political campaigns and local government). granted, it all kind of depends on what you study and what kind of internship or field you'd want to get into.

hope this helps :slight_smile: