After Lehigh where do people go for further education?

Is there any way to find out what grad schools Lehigh students attend to after Lehigh? I just want to know whether a Lehigh degree has high reputation among graduate school admission. Thanks so much for who may help me with this!! Btw I just admitted Lehigh RD class of 2026.

Well…sample of one we know…went to UPenn for grad school. Not a bad outcome!

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What field? For most fields, you should be able to get where you want to go, based on what you do in college. But, there are fields (philosophy comes to mind) where there really is a meaningful difference.

Looks like Lehigh students do well in grad school placement. Here’s a list of grad schools class of 2020 attended (not sure it’s complete), I am sure the career center can help if you call them. Last page here:

I’m admitted in CAS and are now considering major in cognitive science/ CS+psychology etc, this is another big problem as Lehigh is much more famous for its engineering and business schools.

thank you so much for the resource!

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