After Six Months on The Road to Nowhere...

you can now take a 3hr flight to ‘nowhere’!

In concert with the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Airlines will utilize the airline’s Airbus A350 aircraft to round-trip for three hours from Changi to nowhere

Aside from the absurd waste of money on a mindless adventure, the waste of precious environmental resources should not be overlooked.

Have you encountered any similar business ventures aimed at drumming up business?

Actually, It appears that they announced that they’re considering doing this, partially to keep pilots current on A350 certification, their most-used aircraft.

Aren’t there also very lightly loaded flights that are still flown because airlines need to use their landing slots at airports often enough in order to keep the landing slots?

Maybe they can advertise it for people with fear of flying to take the trip to nowhere to help with their exposure and test their coping skills. They won’t have to worry about making a return flight from a desired destination, as many normally do.

Risking being on an airplane in order to go visit loved ones is one thing. Risking being on an airplane for no good reason at all is absurd.