after taking literature

<p>so plenty of you took literature today. and i would like to hear some advice about that test. is it worth it to take it?? how did you study for it (books, etc) and how well do you think you did?</p>


<p>I used the Kaplan book and did a couple practice tests.</p>

<p>I mostly concentrated on the poetry analysis ones because those are the hardest.</p>

<p>The actual test seemed easier than the Kaplan book.</p>

<p>I took it today after not preparing at all for the test besides taking my English 11 Honors course. I didn't even know what types of questions it asked but it was extremely easy. I omited only 2 and I am pretty confident about mt answers so I think I did very well on it! My advice is to not buy into the people saying you'll do 100 points lower on this than you did on yourCR on the SAT because there really 2 different things. As long as you can analyze stories and poems you will do well on this test.</p>

<p>You got lucky on this test.</p>

<p>They didn't ask any weird terms like "anaphoa" and "enjambment."</p>

<p>For the question where it asked which type of poetric device is not present, did you put blank verse?</p>

<p>That was one of the two I omited</p>