After the big drug bust at a Dartmouth fraternity, now this:

<p>Beware of Sororities and Fraternities. </p>

<p>Sorority Girls Gone Wild
Ohio sisters under gun for recent vomit-, booze-, sex-filled event
MAY 24--For the second time in recent weeks, a chapter of the Pi Beta Phi sorority is being accused of drunkenly trashing a facility during a formal dance. At a March 6 party sponsored by the group's Ohio University chapter, attendees engaged in sex acts, used plates as "missiles" during food fights, vomited on carpets, defecated in urinals, and tried to tear off the clothes of a female bartender, according to a letter written by the director of the West Virginia art center where the formal was held. In her April 6 letter to the sorority, a copy of which you'll find below, Abby Hayhurst, head of the Parkersburg Art Center, reported that catering staff witnessed "a couple engaging in sexual congress, while surrounded by a cheering throng," and that a bathroom sink was broken as a result of "one of your members and her date attempting to have sexual relations on it, an act which was witnessed by the event's caterer, who walked in on them." The art center, which reported the damage to the Parkersburg Police Department, is seeking about $47,000 from the sorority, which contends that the art center has exaggerated its damages. Last month, the Pi Beta Phi chapter at Miami University was suspended after a wild April 9 spring formal at a lakefront Ohio lodge. In a letter detailing damages and the sorority's wild behavior, lodge owner Lyndsay Rapier-Phipps noted that the students were "totally obliterated and behaving like immature children.</p>

<p>this happens everywhere, is this a surprise? nope, not to a high school/college student</p>

<p>I think the male applications to Miami of Ohio and Ohio University will see a sharp spike upwards in the coming year.........</p>

<p>"totally obliterated and behaving like immature children."</p>

<p>Sounds like a killer party to me. Just keep the photos off facebook.</p>

<p>If anyone reads Deadspin, this was on there a while ago. They had the full transcript of the letter and it was really, really hilarious.</p>

<p>Big drug bust? 3 kids got arrested in an incident that would have garnered zero attention had it not happened at an ivy in a tiny town with ongoing tension between students and the police force. At UC Santa Cruz, this happens daily.</p>

<p>Sounds like a party to me..</p>

<p>Ah, college!</p>

<p>$47,000 in damages happens daily? At one college or in the US?</p>

<p>Oh wait... 3 kids at UC Santa Cruz get arrested in a drug bust daily?</p>

<p>Thank you shrinkwrap. The responses above indicate the level of moral depravity that our society has become. Yes it occurs at private and public colleges. Yes there are immoral people everywhere, but the "everyone's doing it" defense doesnt work. Colleges are supposed to be places where we grow up and not by doing stupid and immoral and illegal things. Colleges are supposed to be places of "higher education" not "bachnallian parties and animal house with Belushi". And most kids are having their college education funded partly by scholarship or grants from the colleges much of which comes from the tax base, and from parents' significant contributions. Is that what they/we are paying for? </p>

<p>Fraternities and Sororities are not supposed to be whore houses and drug trafficking/snorting centers. They are supposed to engender some quality values and represent the best of society not the worst of society.</p>

<p>I'm no prude nor indignant self righteous moralist, but like Justice Brennan said about pornography, "we know it when we see it." </p>

<p>Colleges pretending to turn a blind eye and having no control over this behavior is nonsense. Its a matter of honor code violations at a minimum. Being 18 isnt a license for licentious behavior. Rich, poor, any color or creed, any school...doesnt matter. Its all disgusting and disappointing. </p>

<p>Behavior like this should be met by the universities with automatic expulsions. Then let these kids go home to mom and dad and seek employment without a college degree and find out what "reality" is really all about.</p>


<p>Sexual promiscuity, particularly in public, binge drinking and drug abuse particularly of the highly addictive and very dangerous type and which supports drug cartels and a murderous and cancerous decay in society is outrageous, illegal and DANGEROUS. </p>

<p>And in the end it severely discredits the academic institutions whose names are associated with their students behavior. Kids die every year on college campuses from drunken behavior, drug overdoses, and sometimes rapes and murders. Kids get STD's and AIDS on campuses every year. Kids have abortions every year. Kids get pregnant and have children out of wedlock at an age where its babies having babies. </p>

<p>And all these people can say is "Sounds like a Great Party?" Puhleeze.</p>

<p>We can't legislate morality. But we can sure as heck try and clean it up and the Universities need to step up and start throwing kids out of school for behavior like this.</p>

<p>Most (99.9%) people who partied like it's 1999 in college go on to lead very sober and productive lives. it's a college thing, you do it and then have no regrets when you move on to 40 years of work, kids and the daily grind. At least you have some memories that you were wild and crazy at one point in your life.</p>

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<p>@ghostbuster - agree completely with you and well said.</p>

<p>We have different standards of acceptable behavior. I didnt do that in college. Neither did my spouse. We drank SOME....and smoked cigarettes. I got sick ONCE in my life from drinking and to this day believe it was food poisoning because I had diarrhea to go with it. I am not suggesting kids wont do stupid things and make mistakes. I am stating that there is a clear red line of acceptable behavior, not the ordinary venial sins. I wont even proselytize on premarital sex. I am talking about WHORING around, doing it in public and behaving very badly. </p>

<p>People who engage in highly illegal behavior, like snorting cocaine in frats, are a different animal than kids who drink underage and have a few beers or glasses of wine in college. Its a categorical difference.</p>

<p>Busting up conference rooms or banquet rooms or any room, on or off campus, is unacceptable. </p>

<p>If my kids did this sort of thing there would be severe punishment. I would be mortified. Thankfully they dont. Do they drink? I am sure they do. I dont ask too many questions about monogomous relationships with their significant others in college, but only ask them to remember the values they were raised with, to adhere to their religious values, and to remember their reputation follows them everywhere and casts a shadow on others in our family. </p>

<p>Moderation in everything is my motto. Respect for self and others is another principle we teach. </p>

<p>And finally we teach them, "just because others are doing it, doesnt mean you have to join them." </p>

<p>Our society is so afraid to stand up for decency and integrity. People are afraid to be shouted down by the lowlifes and those with very poor standards of decency and morality. I have to tell you, the people in my neighborhood who are still partying in their 40's with wild abandon are the ones with screwed up kids, divorces and other problems..some of them legal. They were the ones in their late teens and twenties who played "animal house" in college. How do I know? They brag about it. They all make me sick. </p>

<p>I am no sanctimonious holier than thou person either. I have made plenty of mistakes in my life, but NOT LIKE THIS! </p>

<p>No decent law abiding and good citizen parent wants that phone call about their kid in college being in trouble or being in the ER or worse. (And yes, I know that some kids who behave very badly come from parents who were too strict raising them....and are rebelling.) </p>

<p>The bottom line is I am saying colleges need to take a more proactive role in establishing standards of behavior, both in legal and moral terms. There was a time when colleges were places of integrity and personal responsibility. We have devolved into the abyss. Maybe you can blame it on the anti war movement in Vietnam and Timothy Leary at Harvard. I don't know. But its getting worse, not better. When I was in college it was a rare person who engaged in the kind of behavior described above. And they usually flunked out or were removed by their parents at the end of the first semester. Gone. Now we have SENIORS at Dartmouth, a few weeks before graduation, snorting cocaine and getting busted? And they urinate on a servicemembers clothes and dorm bed and door? I'm sorry. That is reprehensible. And kids at Miami U and Ohio U engaging in PUBLIC acts of indecent and promiscuous behavior not seen even R-17 movies? (Not that they are any standard of decency!) </p>

<p>The Universities should tell all incoming freshmen that they carry the name of the University and standards of behavior are set and part of the honor code and serious violations will be met with serious consequences including prosecution and expulsion. Any felony or even misdemeanor drug possession charge will result in losing federal financial aid, that is the present law. </p>

<p>They should tell kids in admission seminars, "If you are coming here to party and engage in lewd and illegal behaviors, then pick another are not welcome here."</p>

<p>No, its not a "college thing". There is no reason on earth our college years have to be filled with puke. Some of us didn't do it and still don't have regrets 30 years on into the daily grind.</p>

<p>This behavior is dysfunctional and to keep normalizing is not doing anybody any favors. What is wrong with us that we keep sending the cultural message to our kids that this is the way to have fun?</p>

<p>Amen Pisa! Thank you! I completely agree!</p>

<p>I definitely agree with ghostbuster's post. I have no problem having fun at parties but people now a days seem to enjoy crossing the line and taking it too far to where it seems like it's "normal" in our society.</p>

<p>"Maybe you can blame it on the anti war movement in Vietnam and Timothy Leary at Harvard"</p>

<p>Huh???? Dumbest line in the history of mankind. Most of these Ohio preppy sorority girls probably come from well to do Republican families. What a hypocrite conservative, trying to blame college drinking excesses of spoiled rich sorority girls on opposition to the war in Vietnam that occurred 40 years ago. Give me a frickin break.</p>

<p>For anyone who thinks it isn't a college thing, there's always BYU.</p>

<p>I disagree Shankapotamus, a lot of the drug use in our society started during the anti Vietnam war movement.</p>

<p>People didn't take drugs before Vietnam? Ever hear of alcohol? Cocaine? Uppers? Downers? Wow, how naive. And what does drug use in the 60s have to do with spoiled rich sorority girls drinking heavily? The OP does not even say anything about drugs, it was a drunkfest.</p>