Age on HS graduation and first day of college

<p>Well I still have a few years to go before graduation, but how old will everyone be on HS graduation and the first day of college.
I have to take a gap year (graduation takes place in Dec in New Zealand and I'd be taking a gap year until the next September), I don't want to go to college being a year older than everyone and being asked to buy minors alcohol when I turn 21.
I'll be 18 at the start of college, and 19 after the first month. Are there many people around this age or older who are freshmen in college (I don't mean at those community colleges, I mean the well-known high ranked ones)?</p>

<p>I'm 17 now, and will be 18 for all of my first year of college. I would say 18-19 would be pretty normal</p>

<p>I'll be 17 for HS graduation, 17 for the first day of college, but I'll turn 18 late that September.</p>

<p>I have a birthday in October... so I'll be 18 when I graduate high school, and within the first semester of college, I'll turn 19. (We have an odd birthday cut off date at my district. I missed it by a month and a day...)</p>

<p>^ Same. But I didn't speak English when I first came here, so I figure it was for the best. I turn 18 the October of my senior year, so I'll be 18 when college starts.</p>

<p>My district is so odd! The cut off date is in September, not January like in the north east or california.</p>

<p>I could be in 10th grade if we lived some place else, but one of the youngest... People who move from the north east or cali and born in Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec would have been in a younger grade. It's weird :/</p>

<p>I'll be 16 when I graduate from HS, but 17 when I start college. (My birthday's at the end of June. And yes, I skipped a grade :))</p>

<p>OMG jhwu928 we are the exact same. When is ur birthday--lol if you want to say.</p>

<p>^ Hahah, look at my username, maybe?</p>

<p>I'll turn 19 within the first semester of college.</p>

<p>17 at HS graduation-- and I turn 18 my second semester of Freshman yr in college. I dont turn 21 until halfway through my senior year of college :(
I'm in the same position as fledgling</p>

<p>17 for both, no 21 until halfway through first semester senior year</p>

<p>17 for both, but I skipped a grade as well. I won't turn 21 until the end of senior year.</p>

<p>I'll be 17 at my HS graduation and 17 when I start college. I won't turn 18 until the end of October.
I'm actually supposed to be in 10th grade (I'm a junior), but my mom didn't think it was fair to make me wait another year because I missed the cutoff date by 6/7 weeks, so she put me in private school. I'm glad she did, because I'd rather be one of the youngest instead of one of the oldest.</p>

<p>18 in college and when I graduate.</p>

<p>My brother is almost a year older than everyone, and he has no excuse lol. So he graduated when he was 19.</p>

<p>Honestly no one will notice or care. A quarter of my school will be 19 before or around the start of college.</p>

<p>alot of us skipped grades! weird.</p>

<p>16 and 16.</p>

<p>I can't do ANYTHING in college. Legally.</p>

<p>17 grad. 17 start of college. 18 on Oct 3</p>

<p>17 when I graduate and 17 when I start college.</p>