Aggie Mens Club and BUCs

<p>My son is hesitant on fraternities, but has interest in these two groups as a way to be part of a social group, but not have all of the hazing and excessive partying. How are they viewed on campus and how are guys invited to join. Any comments?</p>

<p>Hi there. My son is a junior at Texas A&M and is an active member in Aggie Men's Club. There is absolutely NO hazing and NO partying. He absolutely LOVES this organization and it is one of the most respected organizations on campus. It functions as a men's Christian fellowship group and service organization. My son traveled to Honduras over spring break this year with AMC to build homes and work w/a childrens' orphanage. I do know that it pretty difficult to get into. They had over 100 go out fall '08 and I think they had open spots for around 30 guys. My son has been involved with a number of groups at A&M and this is probably his favorite.</p>

<p>thanks, my son has heard a bit about it. how do you let it be known you are interested? do they connect during the normal rush stuff or separately? I appreciate the info.</p>

<p>I forgot to answer the other part of your question about AMC. You fill out an application and then go to several get togethers with all the other guys who are members so they can meet and get to know you. This happens like the 2nd week of the fall semester. I also will tell you that when my son started college he had absolutely ZERO interest in fraternities. This isn't exactly like a fraternity, but similar. He has made so many wonderful friends in this group. They really are a great bunch of guys. I just can't say enuff good things about them. Let me know if you have anymore questions. I really can't tell you anything about BUCS except that it's a Christian organization. <a href=""></a></p>

<p>Will your son be a freshman at A&M this fall?</p>

<p>Yes, he will. I may send you an email.</p>

<p>My roommate is in Bucs. he doesn't love it but he likes it. there are alot of people in it and its setup a little like a fraternity. and although its christian oriented there are people who party and drink in it but there iare alot of people who dont. my personal favorite organization is either a FLO, Freshman Leadership organization or Fish Camp.</p>

<p>This year I was accepted into Aggie Men's Club and it has been my best decision in college yet. The men are outstanding representatives of the school and strive to make each other better. My roomate last year decide to go for BCA (Brotherhood of Christian Aggies) when i went for AMC. BUCs and BCA are pretty much the same expect for the difference that BUCs have a few hundred members when BCA is right around one hundred. Both are christian fraternities. BUCs is the least selective for freshmen because their induction class are much bigger than BCA or AMC. BCA is a christian organization by definition and the majority of their induction class is freshman of around 25 depending on the year. AMC on the other hand is a litter harder to define. We are a service organization based off of christian principles. We host many parties with sororities or date parties throughout the year like most all fraternities, however their is no alcohol allowed. All AMC events are held in the absence of Alcohol. A unique aspect to Aggie Men's Club is that on most of the candidate class (induction class) are sophomores or older. Usually only around 5 freshman get in each year. This is done for a few reasons. First the Interview process is extremely time demanding, yet worthwhile (Interview: candidate must have 9, 3 hour interviews with active members per week to develop friendships with everyone in the group until they have done all their interviews). This can be very taxing on a Freshman who just arrived to college two months ago. Second AMC looks for Leadership qualities in its Candidates. Now not to say you have to be Type A to fit the mold. In fact their really is no mold. Each member is their own man. It is truly an unique organization that is has been wonderful to be apart of. We hold four selection events in the fall somewhere around the second or third week. They are just meet and greet events where you just hang out with the actives and chat. You can go to our website for more info at Aggie</a> Men's Club. But the great thing about TAMU is there are so many different ways to get involved!</p>