Aggieland Saturday - Worthwhile?

<p>We signed DS2 (HS Junior) up for Aggieland Saturday next month. If any of you attended can you recommend any particular session(s) that was useful? There are some "Office of Admissions - Calling all Juniors" sessions and then events in many of the individual colleges. It's a little overwhelming!</p>

<p>DS2 has NO future plan or obvious interest that he wants to pursue, so I'm hoping he can get some good exposure to the possibilities via this event.</p>

<p>We never made it to an Aggieland Saturday but have friends who did, and their kids enjoyed it. They got a good over view and feel for the campus. It is great exposure to the campus!</p>

<p>Aggieland Saturday is a worth while event to attend. We received some very good information that helped with the admission process. Especially if your son or daughter is planning on applying to highly sought after degree plan such as Engineering or Business. Good overview of everything TAMU has to offer and you can take it at your own pace see as much or as little as you like. It will also give your son or daughter a chance to really discover if TAMU would be a good fit.</p>

<p>We took our boys to AggieLand Saturday. Our oldest, a junior at the time, had always dreamed of being an Aggie. AggieLand Saturday was crowded and hectic and traffic on campus was brutal. He didn't like the students or professors in his planned major, but loved the students and professors in his second choice major. He disliked the whole experience enough to change his mind about A&M. I loved the friendliness of the students but hated the campus. So we scheduled a visit on a regular school day. The campus was pretty and quiet with little traffic. Students were studying under trees - typical college life. He ended up going to A&M. He loves it. For him, AggieLand Saturday was a negative. That being said, our other boy and cousins loved everything about it. So my advice is enjoy all the wonderful things offered at AggieLand Saturday, meet some students, tour dorms and visit departments, but keep in mind that the campus is nothing like that on a typical Saturday.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input!!!</p>

<p>AllThisIsNewToMe -It is worth it if for no other reason than to go to be able to check the box on the application that you went.</p>

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