Agnes Scott Evaluative Interview

I’ve done application for agnes scott and I requested to do an interview, because i believe that i can leave a better impressions by meeting a person rather than assuming what kind of person i am.

Anyway i wanted to know if anyone ever done an interview with agnes scott.

Also what should i wear, we are meaning at a starbucks. Should i buy something what should i buy?

I do alumni interviews, although not for Agnes Scott.

To the extent possible, wear clean clothes that make you feel comfortable and good about yourself. Whatever you wore to school that day would be fine.

I usually interview at Starbucks. I always buy something, because I appreciate having a spot to meet. I have no expectation that the interviewee buy anything, at least in part because interviews shouldn’t cost you money. If you want something, get what you want. If not, not.

Neither physical appearance nor eating habits are things my interview form ask about, nor do I feel any need to address them.

thank you so so much. I’ll keep all this in mind.

Just thought i would update this for anyone else who may need help. My interview went great, she was so kind. I recommend being patient. I went to my interview a little bit early (because my mom kind of made me we’ll see if that helped me or not) I was extremely nervous throughout the day. But once i got there i was able to talk pretty well, and we kind of kicked it off. We hugged and she bought me a VBF (if you drink it you know what that is) we had a chat about things that happened near my area and then we started the interview.

question i were ask was(just i few i remembered):
Tell me about yourself.
If you could make a class what would you make, and where would you go for abroad?
Why are you interested?
What do you do outside of school?
What book would you recommend me? (if you applied here you would know it’s a question on the common app)

That’s about all i remember.
1 thing i for sure recommend is asking questions. I know a lot of people that apply here is from georgia i would just like to point out that none of them went to agnes scott. So I don’t know how well they can answer some question like a former student could. But still ask.
But I’ll go in more detail if I’m accepted. I applied here ED so i should know soon… I’m going crazy waiting!