Agnes Scott vs Furman?

<p>After our tour of several southeast schools, the one that stood out to D was Furman. We have yet to tour any of the Atlanta area schools, and Agnes Scott seems like it might be a good fit. I realize that Agnes Scott is a women's college, but beyond that, I'd like to hear about how these schools compare/contrast. D is currently interested in neuroscience.</p>

<p>I have also read that the Agnes Scott Girls tend to socialize with the the guys from GA tech. I just wonder how that works, and what the parties/functions are like. </p>


<p>My husband and daughter toured Furman and we all toured Agnes Scott. My daughter applied to neither but for different reasons. Furman was gorgeous but inflexible about my daughter visiting a class. She signed up on a Monday to visit on Wednesday. Furman wouldn’t let her visit a class. The paired her with an art major but my D is in science and math. Agnes Scott was one of our first college tours. Not only did they give us a tour but we got to have lunch with one of the math professors. Agnes Scott came across as an excellent LAC. D didn’t want an all girls school. Instead, she applied to Davidson, Rhodes, UT Knoxville, Berry, Elon, and Maryville College.</p>