Agroecology - UC Berkeley vs. UC Santa Cruz?

<p>Does anyone have firsthand knowledge or familiarity with the programs at either of these schools? The traditional science of agronomy as taught by the powerhouse ag schools of the midwest appear to be handmaidens of agribusiness. D wants to learn more ecologically friendly methods and systems of agriculture - I guess sustainability and is looking at either of these schools, and not IU or UW-Madison because of this. Any information would be helpful, beyond what she's reading on websites. She also has information on a masters program in Norway, which looks interesting.</p>

<p>maybe UCD? They are really into animal/plant stuff.</p>

<p>UC Davis is a major agriculture school and would probably offer more courses in that subject than Cal or UCSC. But both Cal and UCSC are big into sustainability and eco friendly tech, so they would be good too. She should contact the departments and the professors she's interested in for more info.</p>

<p>Various faculty members in both Agronomy and Veg. Crops (or whatever the current department names are) at Cornell have been working in this area for a long time, and one graduate I know of is now a professor at U Maine Orono. Look for "sustainable cropping systems" to help find the departments in other parts of the country.</p>