ah crap tough choice

<p>Ok so I got a call yesterday that I was a siemens westinghouse regional finalist. The problem is that now my partner and I have massive amounts of work to do in preparing the presentation and such, and I've always wished that I would become regional finalist in either this, or go to ISEF, or do well in STS, so this is a really big thing for me, but I'm performing a weapon at a karate tournament this coming Sunday (the 7th) which requires me to be there the whole day as well as 4 hours practice on Saturday (I'm also taking the SAT so that leaves almost no time on Saturday and Sunday) so there's no time to work on everything!! </p>

<p>Here's the decision: I can either skip karate, even though its a really big performance that I've been preparing for for 6 months or so, but won't have any really really bad repercussions if I don't know, besides my teacher getting extremely mad (cuz I've already missed like 3 out of 15 practices cuz I was working on the same project that got to regional finalist), or I can work harder on my Westinghouse presentation since I'd have more time.....what should I do?!</p>

<p>Wow, that is a tough call. What about working on the project next thursday; it's a holiday, or is that too late? If you can't push the karate thing back, I don't know, I'd probably work on the presentation. Geez louise... tell us what you decide to do.</p>

<p>Go for karate, and just work your ass off the rest of the week.</p>

<p>The problem is that the presentation can ALWAYS be made better. I'm thinking I'll call my karate sensae and ask him if it's ok if I can't make it. I know that if I go to karate and end up not moving on the Westinghouse competition, I'll die wondering whether I could have moved on if I had worked on it during the days of karate.</p>

<p>What should I do?</p>

<p>Westinghouse. Go, do it. :P</p>

<p>westinghouse!! karate..cool but westinghouse!! finalist!! opportunity baby!!!</p>

<p>You've been prepping for this karate thing for 6 months. Don't blow it off. Review your schedule between now and the time the Westinghouse thing is due (which is when,btw?) and then get to work on it after the karate thing is over.</p>

<p>so what did you end up doing?</p>

<p>his brain exploded while considering his options...</p>

<p>I went to karate for the first of 3 performances and went and worked the rest of the time. It went well. I'm happy :)</p>