Ah plz help

<p>…k.probably posted so i apologize…i already read through all the related threads and im still undecided.</p>

<li><p>Princeton Operation and Financial Engineering – MBA Program at topflight school</p></li>
<li><p>M and T program at Penn - get an MBA anyways afterward…</p></li>

<p>neone plz give me some advice…im absolutely stuck. MnT is very prestigous and the opportunities seem endless…but Princeton is the arguably the top undergrad focused institution in the world…</p>

<p>would getting an mba after going to wharton undergrad kind of be a waste?..especially if u want a mba from wharton…
can neone tell me if the operations and financial engineering is really a business-related field?</p>

<p>thanks guys…i really need some advice.</p>

<p>Visit both. It's not like one is truly better than the other. Unless you're getting money at one of the schools, you should choose based on fit. The environments are different.</p>

<p>If you want business go to Wharton.</p>

<p>Many more people want to go into business than actually study it. Unless you have some strange passion for studying business (in which case, go to Wharton), it's a question of fit.</p>

<p>i would do M & T even tho princeton indeed is the leading undergrad institution</p>

<p>but M & T gives you two degrees in four years
a lot less effort than doing dual degree</p>