Ahh~ exactly a 3.5 gpa... transfer chances?!

<p>jw what my chances are. when i submitted my application i put my first choice as undergraduate studies just because i dont know what i want to do yet and my second as liberal arts.
what are my chances? i worked my ass off this semester in cc but i really want to go to UT... help!</p>

<p>you have a decent/good chance, if your essays were good.</p>

<p>i was admitted into liberal arts with a 3.46 so you should be alright. GOOD LUCK :)</p>

<p>Ah thanks so much, the suspense is killing me !</p>

<p>3.5 is good for both of your major choices..not business, engineering unless you really screw up your essays somehow..but GPA matters the most for transfers.</p>

<p>I just graduated freshman year with a 3.8 from UT Dallas. I applied to CNS with 32 hours not including AP, How hard is CNS to get into opposed to McCombs or Cockrell?</p>


<p>By your handle it sounds as though you might possibly be part hispanic? If that is the case, I would mark it on your application when asked about race. That gives you a BIG bump when the adcoms analyze your application package. With your GPA I wouldn't be shooting for general studies, I'd apply where you actually want to get in.</p>

<p>With a 3.5 in any case (if you're not a URM) I don't see it being too difficult to transfer into general studies. I went to the admissions office with my cousin last year and discussed what he should focus on to get into general studies. The guy told us first and foremost to get A's in the community college that he's at right now. When I asked what gpa he should be targeting for the general studies major, he told me "definately above a 3.0, but 3.3 is where the decision starts to become easier." I think you should be fine for either GS or COLA if you've got 45+ hours and essays that don't present you as illiterate and/or psychotic.</p>

<p>Ha actually I'm ethnically Caucasian, I'm just using my girlfriends account. She got in as a freshman, and I think she got in bc she's Chinese and mexican haha. </p>

<p>But yeah my essays weren't very lengthy, but I busted my ass this year and did 20 hours this semester and 16 last semester so I have a total of 36 hours. </p>

<p>I was going to put a definite major but I honestly don't know what my plans are and went to a info session about undergraduate studies an I think that's my best bet so I don't get stuck in a major I'm not passionate about. </p>

<p>So I'm feeling pretty confident, but do you know if there's a limit of transfers they admit ? Like they do with the freshmen?</p>

<p>Jaysen how many hours did you have?</p>

<p>49 when i applied</p>

<p>Update! My final gpa ended up if a 3.66 . Gah wish me luck!</p>

<p>you should be in, keep us updated</p>

<p>Got accepted may 22nd! Thanks to everyone for the feedback!
So excited!</p>

<p>Congrats, I would suggest figuring out what you want to major in asap.</p>