ahh selfstudying ap's!

<p>i can't believe i'm doing this. i just can't. but, to get the siemens ap award, i must.</p>

<p>anyway, i'm planning to selfstudy apes and ap comp sci ab. i'm pretty sure i'm gonna get princeton review for apes and read that a bunch (good idea?), but i'm just wondering how ap compsci would be; has anyone here self studied it before? how was the experience? reading some threads, i found that barron's is a good book for it... is that the case?
will i be killing myself self studying these? also gonna take all the other ones for the siemens scholarship except chem and math this year too (err next year, i guess)...too much?</p>

<p>thank you! :)</p>

<p>Just so you know, Computer Science AB doesn't exist anymore. Only Computer Science A is left.</p>

<p>APES is pretty easy, you should be fine there
not too familiar with CS</p>

<p>wait really, there's no compsci ab?? lulz. maybe the siemens people will include just compsci a instead... so uh yeah let's pretend i put a instead of ab. heh.</p>

<p>oh, really, hahahahahah (that was an odd thing to type)? :D</p>