AHH sent in wrong document

<p>As I was re-reading my common app preview today, I realized that I sent in the wrong copy of my resume (an older version that looks almost the same, but that hasn't been updated with recent awards) to my EA school. Is there any way I can change that/send them the correct version?</p>

<p>^^This is for Harvard. There is a form to ask questions, but I'm not sure if I should ask to re-submit the Common App or attach the document (i.e. will this affect what admissions officers think of me?)</p>

<p>resend it for sure. people aren't perfect, but to let the adcoms see a few awards is more important than not</p>

<p>Okay so I sent an email asking if I could send in the updated resume, and I got a confirmation for that. I then sent the document, but I haven't gotten a confirmation that they received it and printed it for my file (it's been 3 days now). Should I email them again to confirmt hat they received it?</p>