ahh supplementary rec to yale? to do or not to do

<p>i found this on their faq section:</p>

<p>"Is it OK if I submit supplementary letters of recommendation?
We strongly discourage students from submitting more than the two required letters from teachers and the letter from a guidance counselor or college advisor that accompanies the School Report Form. Additional letters can have the effect of cluttering an application file, often repeating what has been said elsewhere, and can leave a reader wondering which letters are the most important recommendations. Three, four, or even five letters from teachers rarely do more work for a candidate than two.</p>

<p>That said, we try to be flexible about the need, in isolated cases, for students to submit an additional letter. If you feel there really is a need to send an extra recommendation, one that will add substantially to your application, be sure it is labeled "supplementary" to avoid confusion."</p>

<p>My two academic recs are from my english and spanish teachers but i really want my philosophy teacher to send in a rec to describe my passion for philosophy .. i already asked him if he would write it and my guidance counselor said it should be okay even it's "strongly discouraged".. i wrote my 150 word common app short answer on "doing" philosophy and it's briefly mentioned as an ec in my activity list. should i ask my philosophy teacher to still send in that rec? it might be pretty awkward to ask him not to send it after having asked him today. he said he'll be able to comment on my special interest and brief and to the point. suggestions? thanks!</p>

<p>Common saying: The thicker the file, the thicker the kid</p>

<p>Unless your Philo teacher has some stunning anecdote, why diminish your chances even a sliver? It's not as if fat envelopes from Yale are flying out to anyone next March.</p>

<p>Re-read what you cited: "Strongly discourage". If I "strongly discouraged" you from boarding an aircraft about to take off, would you just shrug me off?</p>

<p>Remember, those are Yale's own words -- not some CC denizen.</p>

<p>Proud08er my S sent 3 letters of rec. to yale and was accepted class of 11</p>

<p>My D sent in 2 letters of rec to yale and was accepted class of 11.</p>

<p>I agree with T26E4. Follow directions. If you want the philosophy rec to support the rest of your application, then why are you using it as a supplimental rather than one of the two primary recs?</p>

<p>If the school strongly encouraged something, would you not do it if you had the option? If they strongly discourage something, avoid it.</p>

<p>Use the philosophy rec instead of the Spanish rec.</p>