Ahhh!!!! Am i screwed?

<p>Hi everybody.</p>

<p>So I applied to Cornell ED, and I decided to check out my application status account just to make sure everything was ok and found out that Cornell still has not got my CSS profile? Is that really bad since the deadline was Nov. 1? I know that I send out the CSS profile before November 1 (October 30, 2008) and the CSS profile confirms it!!! Will this affect me getting financial aid if i do get into Cornell early decision. </p>

<p>Thanks for any help or comments!</p>

<p>You should call the financial aid office to confirm. For many internationals, delay is possible. But it seems to me like you are not an international. Did you fill in your Social Security Number?</p>

<p>I think Collegeboard said that if the confirmed that your CSS was sent, you needn't worry even if the college says they haven't received it.</p>

<p>Even so, I submitted my CSS profile late (like, a month late), and the next day it was taken off my To-Do list. I had called the admissions office earlier and they told me that financial aid can actually be sent in after the deadline. It is, after all, financial aid.</p>

<p>i am worried too, cuz same thing is happening to me!!!</p>

<p>Guys DO NOT WORRY! The same things happened to me with the other financial aid documents. I called them. explained the situtation, and they told me to just fax it to them. If it's the CSS Profile, then just call them and explain the situation as well. They will not decline you I believe. The financial aid people are quite nice =)</p>