aHHH.. Do I have a chance??

<p>From a competitive high school in Southern California..</p>

<p>what are my chances for these schools??
(I am kinda freaking out)
-UC Berkeley
-Boston College

<p>1930 on SATs (not very good.. taking it again soon)
-630 on Bio SAT II (taking US History and Chem this year)</p>

<p>Classes--By the time I graduate:
4 APs
6 Honors</p>

<p>Overall GPA: 4.4</p>

4 Years Varsity Soccer
4 Years Club Soccer
4 Years California Scholarship Federation
4 Years Red Cross Club
2 Years High School Volleyball
--list is kind of short.. any suggestions?</p>

<p>Thank you SOOO much!!</p>

<p>Boston College - Mid-High Match
Northeastern - High Match/Low Reach
UCLA - High Match/Low Reach
UC Berkeley - Mid-High Reach</p>

<p>Boston College:
Extracurriculars, sports especially, are a large factor for them. They also value volunteering, so take the time to add some volunteer/community service hours to your resume - is that what the Red Cross Club is? Your GPA looks good here, but you need a 2000 SAT I.</p>

Grades are not as important to them as your SAT/ACT scores are. However, your GPA is still good and fits at this school. Just remember that they really emphasize the need for you to do well on standardized testing. Raise your SAT scores to at least 2100 and then I'd say you'd have a fair shot at it.</p>

With 50,000+ applicants a year, you need to have solid SAT I/IIs to consider getting in here. I believe the average SAT I is around 2000. Your extracurriculars, besides the sports, don't stand out much, but as long as your show devotion to them, then you might be okay.</p>

<p>UC Berkeley:
You simply can't get in with a 1930 SAT I and a 630 on a SAT II, particular biology. The other parts of your application (that is, what you've given us) seem good enough, but once again, these SAT scores are very important everywhere!</p>

<p>Overall, you just need to raise your SAT I/II scores.</p>

<p>Good luck to you, my friend! I wish you success in your endeavors.</p>

<p>Northeastern? 2100 gets you into the Honors Program with a small merit scholarship. Northeastern is a perfect match - not a safety under any means, but not a reach either.</p>