ahhh i effed up the verbal ! 620V 800 M

<p>I needed a 1500 .... how can this freaking be.... i was worried about math (flucating between 770 and 800) but my verbal was a rock solid 680+ WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF ridiculously hard verbal section</p>

<p>15 pi or 8 pi? sorry by the way</p>

<p>So just take it again and make sure you prep for verbal without neglecting math. Gotta cover both of 'em, dude.</p>

<p>Washington Woodward rides again...Muwahaha.</p>

<p>Sorry. At least you can see your scores (unlike a lot of us). :-(</p>

<p>lol I was the exact opposite almost. 800 verbal 610 math. I'm lovin the verbal considering i did no studying for it, but my math dropped 40 from last time. Guess I shoulda studied a lil. Whatever though.</p>

<p>same exact feeling

<p>i kno... i didn't study for verbal because the lowest i got was 680 mostly it was 710-730..... so wtf.... whys it gonna drop to a crappy 620???? ? </p>

<p>washington woodward should burn in the pits of a place worse than hell........</p>

<p>this is my first time so i guess its okay..... lol.... btw 15 pi all the way</p>